AP2.5 sucks. bypass it now!

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Re: AP2.5 sucks. bypass it now!

Post  sp3d2 on Sat Dec 31, 2011 8:31 pm

bopiang wrote:

anyone want to know how to power mod, can ask me. i'll post here if anyone want.
i personally tested it and must say it work like a charm.

- note-
- anyone on original drive should flash to LT+ to play AP2.5backup.
- anyone on latest kinect dash should flash to L+ to play AP2.5 backups
- anyone on spoof drive should try the power cable mod to play AP2.5 backups

bro. i accidently update my xbox 360 dashboard to the latest 2.0.14699.0. then i just flashed my dvd firmware to lt+ 3.0, however it still cannot play ap2.5 games such as fm4 and gears of war 3.

on other forums, it said a lot about reburn the game disc using new topology data for ap2.5 games .iso. however i am not interested to burn any games as i do not have fast internet to download games iso.

Therefore if want to continue playing ap2.5 games that i can easily buy from shops, i need you to post here how to play ap2.5 games using power mod method.

looking forward to have your help bro. thanks

Ah Beng

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Re: AP2.5 sucks. bypass it now!

Post  bopiang on Sun Feb 19, 2012 8:38 pm

when u flashed 3.0, you have just lost the ability to play all old protected games, u need to reburn, if u buy from shop, shop need to know that if the copy that theyre selling is a repatch 3.0 copy or an old copy. usually go buy at shop that have a 360 console hooked up, then u can certainly test the games if theyre reburn copy or not. it need to be patch with 3.0 topology to work. old copies wont work on t hat shop's console.

this is an old thread, 1 year of age. so the method is absolutely obsolete.

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