I Just JTAG my X360 Elite

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I Just JTAG my X360 Elite

Post  asap on Mon May 20, 2013 8:46 am

I rarely play games on my x360 after i start working..
usually i will turn it on to play games for like 15-20 minutes every month..haha..
wanted to play so many games..but the cost, and to donwload and burn the dvd...too lazy la..
and i was thinking to buy original games but for rm150..only can get one..

then last saturday, i went to jtag my x360 elite(plaza pudu)..
price was rm220 + 18 for 3 games(saja2 buy coz lazy to download Very Happy )
now i can play games easily..lol

my jtag elite took almost 20seconds to load..
if lower than 10 seconds, it will load a normal dash, just need to restart again..

note: if you want to jtag, better bring your external hdd..i used the original 120gb hdd from the Elite....i can just put my games on the external la..both internal and external can be used..

now i have a lot of games to play!(if i ever get the time) Surprised
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Re: I Just JTAG my X360 Elite

Post  nam226 on Thu May 23, 2013 12:31 am

Oh yes, the hectic working life, yeah, compared to my student days, I could play a game for long hours all the way but now I consider myself lucky if I can finish one level before dozing off. Anyway, my jtag different from yours during startup, if it doesn't load into fsd, it just display blank screen and will never load into normal dash.

Yes, you can put your games in external but for DLC, TU and Xbox1 games to work, you must put them in internal hdd. Since you have lots of games now, could you pm me your list, I'm interested to trade with you since I cannot download because my internet connection not so good? Smile

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