[TUTORIAL] Power up Xbox Drive Using PC / Make A DIY PMT Probe

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[TUTORIAL] Power up Xbox Drive Using PC / Make A DIY PMT Probe

Post  bopiang on Tue Jun 19, 2012 10:20 pm


I take no credits over this method inside this tutorial
i just simplify the tutorial so that
anyone can do this, the original tutorial
is made by prebelgian.

like usual i will take no responsibility of any damage
occurs by using this tutorial, if u dont understand, ask.
failure to follow correct procedure, might result in
damaging your xbox rendering it useless as a paperweight.
do it at your own risk, you have been warned.

this tutorial will result on you, making a very nice
tools, in which they can be use to any of these :

a)connect your xbox drive to pc for usage with 0800 CFW
b)power up your xbox drive using pc power, eliminating the usage of xbox
console as a power tools.
c)A PMT Probe, to extract key/mod your Liteon console to LT FW


1- A Spare xbox Power Cable
2- your pc, you will be needing to sacrifice 1 of your SATA power cable.

a) optional tools if you intend to use Xbox Drive
to RIp using 0800FW or PMT Probe
1- on of switch with 2 leg
2- on off switch with 3 leg
3- extra DVD from xbox

b) optional but better if u have it tools
- soldering tools to connect wires to wires
- wire connector like i use in my mod, to connect wires to wires.
- cable link to clamp the wires together

how to do it

0- TURN OFF ur PC completely! take out the power cable.press power button many times.

1 - cut your SATA power cable and strip end of it so u can see a little cable.
- there should be 5 cables visible.

2 - Cut your Xbox power cable, and strip the end of it so u can see little cable.

Xbox Power Cable:

1/2 - Not Connected
3 - 3.3v (for Eject)
4 - 3.3v (for modeB)
5, 7, 9 and 11 - Ground
6 - 3.3v
8 - 5v
10/12 - 12v

and for the PC sata connector

orange wire - 3.3v
black wire(s)- ground
red wire - 5v
yellow wire - 12v

then follow this diagram:


* REMEMBER! Always check for Xbox Power cable SIDE UP, it should have a indicator.
* follow it based on color, this is NOT a PROFESIONAL ELETRONICS Diagram.
* ON OFF button, is for cutting power to Xbox drive, this is needed when modding.
* EJECT CLOSE button. make sure it is in CLOSE position (ground) every boot.
after boot into windows, u can eject and close the drive as u like.
* if u dont need eject or not planning to use xbox drive on pc for ripping,
xbox cable "3" should be connected directly to Orange.
* Probe is for extracting key from liteon drive
* remember ON OFF switch ALWAYS ON when turning on PC, EJECT CLOSE switch ALWAYS CLOSE.
* Please EJECT your drive once, after booting to windows, there is a bug exist.
that will freeze any program that tries to access the drive if it is close.
after ejecting once, it shud operate normally after that.


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