PS3 buying recommendation

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PS3 buying recommendation

Post  publicENEMY on Tue May 31, 2011 1:33 pm

If you want to buy ps3 and jailbreak, go with the biggest hd space(320). make sure to have at least one original game disc(doesnt matter what game) as some game requires the original disk on the drive to be able to play. the difference with msia set and sg set is the warranty. sg set is cheaper but with no warranty. next, buy external hd to store your game. as of time of writing, 2tb is the most value for money. rpm is not important as transfer rate is bottleneck by usb 2.0 interface speed.i would recommend seagate just because of the warranty(duration, honour). when you first run the ps3, DO NOT, FOR WHATEVER REASON UPDATE. as of time of writing, i recommend kmeaw 3.55 for jailbreak. you can find on the net on how to jailbreak. in order to play games, you have to have backup manager. as of time of writing, multiman is the best backup manager. as for the games, you can download the games from the net. i have 1 tb games (and expanding) that i can share with you guys. if your ps3 defaulted ok button is circle and you would like to change to x, there are tools to do that.

here are few thing that you SHOULD NOT DO
1. DO NOT UPDATE PS3 Firmware. Updating games is okay(as of time of writing)
2. DO NOT UNPLUGGED USB DRIVE FROM PS3 until 5 seconds(or when the external drive lights is totally off) of ps3 shutdown. doing so will risk damaging the usb drive fat which results in data loss.

what you can do with your ps3
1. you can play downloadable games(psn)
2. you can watch bluray
3. you can install showtime to use ps3 as media player
4. you can play games without disc(the reason why my xbox360 is collecting dust)
5. other thing that i cant remember.

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Re: PS3 buying recommendation

Post  bopiang on Fri Oct 07, 2011 5:19 pm

yeah.. been playing on ps3 up till now,
haha now gears 3 is out so now time to
heat my box back

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