Welcome, these are my thoughts and the reason for creating this forum.

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Welcome, these are my thoughts and the reason for creating this forum.

Post  SushiBurgerX on Tue Nov 23, 2010 3:50 pm

This forum has been created as a need for Malaysian gamers to talk about modded consoles, backups, download and all the so called "illegal" stuff that is ban from Lowyat.net. Being a regular at Lowyat.net, i find it very annoying because they won't allow talks on modded console, pirated disc, download and such, which IMO, the way of the Malaysian life! Please bear in mind, i harbor no ill-will towards that forum as it's one of my favorite (the middle finger thing is just a way to express some mischief, ok Laughing).

IMO, i find it hypocrite that piracy is not allowed to be discussed. In most Asian countries, piracy is a way of life. Yes, i understand what is intellectual properties and yadda, but some of those self righteous people who talks so much about "supporting originals" also failed to understand the living standard of Malaysia compared to the likes of US, Japan and other advanced country. The bottom line, our salary is simply not there yet. When we pay for original games, we are actually paying like 3 to 4 times the amount a typical American is paying based on his salary. Same product, but 4 times the amount in relative to our salary. Is this fair?

It is no fault of ours the ringgit is weak (blame the goverment who ruled this country for 50 years.). Those who understand history will know that those "advanced countries" like Britain and other western countries (US included) has robbed the world of their riches hundreds of years ago by going into Asia, Africa and elsewhere, colonize the land, rob them of their natural resources, forced slave labors and make themselves rich in the process. Now that they're rich, is it fair to impose their standard on us who has just started out handicapped due to their atrocity performed by them in the past?

Bear in mind, i harbor no hatred for westerners or Americans or Japanese etc etc. What has happens, happened. I love them all. But history needs to be highlighted to show the facts of how the situation has become what it is today.

And for some of the snooty and self righteous locals who says that pirating a game is evil and we must all buy original yadda....how about this. There's so many pirated CD shop which is just a few shops away from the Police station in PJ SS2, Damansara Uptown and elsewhere. Please don't tell me the police don't know anything. And please don't tell me it's not the police responsibility to clamp down on piracy yadda and it's the job of the custom yadda... The goverment is basically turning a blind eye to it, so who are you guys to play robocop???If you want to buy original fine, it's your problem. But you guys have no rights to meddle into our business either. So shove it!!. <Insert middle finger>

With that said, i can truly justified myself to download a few games without any guilt to my conscience. IMO, paying anything more than RM50 for game is ridiculous. But i do support original CDs for my favorite bands though...at least it's more reasonably priced.

So with that out of the way, please feel free to discuss modded consoles and copying discs till your heart content.

Oh, and talking about original consoles and games is allowed too. We are not extremist here like some of those snotty original-only gamers.

Have a Nice Day!

{PS: If you don't agree with me, you can leave!}

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