XBOX PAL Console to read NTSC-J format

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XBOX PAL Console to read NTSC-J format

Post  dannyaish0607 on Thu Dec 04, 2014 2:49 pm

Hi Guys,
Recently I just purchased XBOX360 Gears of War from UK. Little did I know that it is on PAL format. So when i tried to run the ntsc-j cd/dvd, the error code Wrong Region Code appears.

So what can I do to be able to play ntsc-j dvd/vd?
(1) Can I seek any shop that can modded my console then i can just play pirated games?
(2) Can i seek any shop that can jtag the console and convert PAL to ntsc-j format - then i can still use original dvd/cd?

can you advise any good shop that can do either one of the above?


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Re: XBOX PAL Console to read NTSC-J format

Post  nam226 on Wed Jan 28, 2015 7:33 pm

Yes, original xbox 360 dvds are region locked.

1. Yes, you can do that. By modding the dvd-rom firmware, you can play pirated games without worrying about region compatibility.
2. Yes, you can also jtag your console to play games directly from an external harddisk.

Both methods above will allow you to play pirated games of Gears of War but will not solve your issue of playing your original UK Gears of War dvd on your NTSC-J xbox 360 console. You will lose out the ability to play online multiplayer feature of all the xbox 360 games should you do either of the two methods above.

Sure, you can do both services here at

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